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We provide diagnostic and ABA treatment planning assessment

ABA Therapy

We provide ABA therapy for children with autism.  Clients receive anywhere from 2-30 hours of individual ABA therapy per week.  ABA therapy addresses areas such as:

-language development

-social skills

-play skills

-self-help skills

-academic skills

-potty training

-reduction of problem behavior

-reduction of stereotypical behavior

-stress management

-anger management

Social Skills Groups

Small groups of 2-5 kids are provided to help develop and practice appropriate communication and social skills

Parent and Family Training

We integrate parents, siblings, and other family members into our therapy sessions as much as possible.  We believe parent input and participation is a critical component of effective treatment.

IEP Support and Development

We are there to help parents put together an effective education plan that will provide the best chance for success in the schools.  

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