Autism Therapy Services offers training to parents and professionals through training sessions and hands on coaching.

Training Sessions:  These sessions generally last 1-2 hours each and can cover a variety of topics.  Some possible topics are:

Basic ABA principles Discrete Trial Teaching
Language - Verbal Behavior  Reinforcement Managing Difficult Behavior Autism Spectrum Disorders Teaching Play Teaching Social Skills
Potty Training 101 Writing a good IEP

Cost of the training varies depending on number of hours and number of participants.  Training sessions are great for parents and professionals who wish to become involved in ABA intervention.

Hands On Training:  This type of training is done while we work with the child.  The Behavior Analyst or Therapist provides coaching and feedback during the intervention.  This is an excellent method for parents or tutors interested in ABA to learn the techniques.

If our Behavior Analyst or Therapist is already working with your child this training can be easily incorporated into the program.

The hourly rate for training is generally the same as the hourly ABA Therapy rate.  

Training & Staff Development

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