Crisis/Behavior Management - Super Nanny for Autism

Raising a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder can be difficult.  There can be issues with sleep, eating, tantrums, obsessive behavior, and homework.  These issues can make even the most confident parents question their abilities.  When these issues escalate to crisis level Autism Therapy Services can help to bring order back to family life.

We will assess the situation and provide immediate coaching for parents.  We will be there to implement a plan that will bring things back to a manageable level for the family.  We strive to come up with a plan that is practical for the family and can be effectively implemented after we have left.

The rate for this service depends on the number and duration of visits.  Most problems see marked improvement in 1-2 weeks.  Call 435-313-4571 to discuss the specifics of your situation. 
Crisis/Behavior Management

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